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Express Yourself Beautifully.....with CloudEight Acpressions™!
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Welcome to CloudEight Acpressions!

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"Acpressions" by CloudEight are beautiful expressions and images you can share with any one, regardless of browser type or email program. As long as both browsers support simple Java applets (and almost all do) you can send these images and thoughts which we call "Acpressions" to anyone you like as often as you like. 

We will add more "Acpressions" as time permits so you will have a whole gallery to choose from to express any thought or sentiment you wish. Whenever you wish!.

Please note: These are not downloads. These are web pages you can send to your friends much like greeting cards only better. Just select the Acpression you wish to view from the menu below. When you find an Acpression you wish to send to a friend simply click on the link that says "send this page to a friend". Acpressions are compatible with Netscape, Internet Explorer, Web TV, and AOL, so you can send them to everyone!

The response we've gotten to "Acpressions™" is amazing. We will add more Acpressions™ often and we'll eventually have Acpressions for every occasion!. We'd appreciate your comments concerning "Acpressions™". Please send us your opinions by clicking here. Thanks for visiting CloudEight!

CloudEight Acpressions™
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